The Adventure Education Service (AES) is a wholly owned operation of Garrett College's Adventure Sports Program. It was established as an agency through which educators and students from the college's academic programs could offer, to the general public, educationally oriented experiences in the adventure recreation, natural resources, and closely related eco-tourism areas.




For AES activities, the participant-to-instructor ratio, on the average, is 5-to-1. Providing such a low ratio allows for quality, personalized instruction. Two items top the list of important considerations made by all AES instructors: the making of good judgments and the management of risks. These two concerns form the backbone of all our considerations as we plan and carry out AES activities. It is important to understand that AES activities are "Challenge By Choice," that is, participants are given the opportunity to choose those challenges in which they will participate.

Instructors for AES are recruited from Garrett College's Adventure Sports academic degree program and are either academic professors, program graduates, or current students with advanced standing. Each member of the instructional team is certified in
some area of expertise, and in combination these members represent an experience level that is both broad and deep.

Instructors aid participants in the proper use of equipment and execution of technical skills associated with a number of adventure recreation activities. Instructors are required to hold proper credentials in the skill in which they teach. All whitewater instructors, for example, are licensed professionals. Our lead rock climbing guides are recognized by the State of Maryland as certified top rope rock climbing instructors. AES Challenge Course facilitators are certified to conduct challenge course activities. In all cases, AES instructors are certified as a Wilderness First Responder, the industry standard in back country medical emergency care.

In addition to an instructor's technical skills, each has been chosen through a selection process as an individual with great leadership characteristics and a strong desire to work with participants, particularly youth, in a teaching-learning environment.


Summer Adventure - High in the Mountains 

Each summer the Adventure Education Service offers a schedule of activities that focuses on safe and proper participation in adventure sports. AES summer activities include rock climbing/rappelling, whitewater paddling, mountain biking, orienteering, hiking, camping, touring/lake kayaking, and ropes/challenge course.

From our facilities in McHenry, Maryland, AES instructors prepare participants for both day long and extended overnight sessions. Drawing from a $300,000 inventory of high quality equipment and having authorized access to some of the most beautiful locations in the Appalachians, this program provides participants with a unique learning experience.

Our program enrolls individual young men and women, adults, parent-child pairs, and families. We have provided instructional summer adventure sessions for private and public schools, businesses, and community organizations. A client list is available upon request. The minimum age for participation depends upon the activity and upon the individual.

See the "ASI Forms and Information" page for more detailed information.

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Custom Educational Activities

AES will work with any individual or group to create a custom designed educational activity.

"Custom Educational Activity" does not equate to "Costly Educational Activity." A goal of AES is to provide practical experience for academic program majors by having them work alongside AES professional educators and facilitators. So, tailoring an educational activity to the customer's specific needs is an important kind of exposure we want our students to have.

Schedule of Activities

Each year, AES offers a schedule of activities; a calendar of which is available from the program's headquarters at 301-387-3330.



Registration for an Activity

Interested parties may register for an event by completing a registration packet, available from the program's headquarters.

Online registration information is available in the "Forms" section of the ASI website.

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Cost of an Activity

The cost of an AES activity is based on event duration and type of activity. Options for full-day (9:00 AM until 5:00 PM), overnight (9:00 AM until 12:00 PM the next day) and multi-day activities are offered. Cost includes instructors, all equipment, and venue user fees. In the case of overnight activities, cost includes all meals. Group rates are available.


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