Faculty (Full time)

  • Mike Logsdon, M.S.: Rank: Professor and Executive Director, Adventuresports Institute; Degrees: West Virginia University 1975 Bachelors and Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering; Expertise: American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer – Rafting; National Ski Patrol Instructor - Mountain Travel & Rescue, Skiing, paddle sports; Courses: Rafting, Oar Rigging; 301.387.3333 m​i​c​h​a​e​l​.​l​o​g​s​d​o​n​@​g​a​r​r​e​t​t​c​o​l​l​e​g​e​.​e​d​u

  • Therese Peterson, M.S.: Rank:  Associate Professor in Adventure Sports Program; Degrees: James Madison 1983 Bachelors in Science - Sports Management, Business Minor;  West Virginia University 2002 Masters - Recreation Resource Management, Educational Psychology; Expertise: American Canoe Association - Kayak Instructor Trainer, Paddle sports, Professional Ski Instructor Association - Telemark & Cross Country Skiing, Programming, Leadership;  Courses:  Kayaking, Rafting, Oar Rigging, Sea Kayaking, Swiftwater Rescue, Telemark Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Low Ropes & Initiatives, Leadership and Group Dynamics, Guiding and Instructing in Adventuresports; 301.387.3327 t​h​e​r​e​s​e​.​p​e​t​e​r​s​o​n​@​g​a​r​r​e​t​t​c​o​l​l​e​g​e​.​e​d​u​

  • David Erbe, Assistant Professor, Adventure Sports Program; Degrees: University of Maryland, College Park, MD B.S. in Environmental Science and Technology, Concentration in Ecology Technology and Design, Minor in Sustainability Studies; Appalachian State University, Boone, NC M.A. in College Student Development, Concentration in College Outdoor Program Administration; Expertise: American Mountain Guide Association - Single Pitch Instructor, American Canoe Association - Whitewater Kayak Instructor, Mountain Biking, Group Facilitation, Program Management, Experiential Education, Outdoor Leadership, International Expedition Planning Courses: Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Leave No Trace, Wilderness Survival, Search & Rescue, Practicum Preparation & Internship, Intro to Adventuresports, Parks & Recreation, Program Planning & Management. 301.387.3324 d​a​v​i​d​.​e​r​b​e​@​g​a​r​r​e​t​t​c​o​l​l​e​g​e​.​e​d​u​

  • Tom Cecil: Owner and Operator of Seneca Rocks Mt. Guides. Tom has provided climbing instruction and guide training since 1999 for Garrett College. Students also receive additional training at his TradWall Anchoring Center. He holds certifications in Wilderness Rock Responder - Certified Pro level, PCGI Mentor/Assessor-Top Rope Guide/Single Pitch Guide, PCGI Lead Guide Certified. He is the Seneca Rocks Regional representative for the ACCESS FUND and the American Alpine Club’s Regional Education Director. Has had twenty-nine+ years of accident-free multi-pitch guiding at Seneca. Tom has also been asked by John Long to edit his latest anchoring t​r​e​a​t​i​s​e​ . He has been guiding in Europe, Mexico, Australia and spent more than 23 years pioneering new routes at Seneca and in southern Thailand.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Michael Malfaro: A.A.S., Adventure Sports Management; He has provided services for ASI since 2002. Adjunct Instructor - Canoeing, Rafting, Back Country Living Skills, Oar Rigging, Telemark, & Snowboarding


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