Liz (Salisbury) Townley (2003): After graduating from the Adventure Sports Program in 2003, I spent several overseas stints, guiding rafts and studying environmental history.  I then pursued a Bachelors in Science degree in Recreation Ecology. This led me to seek work in the Forest Service. I’m the Project Director and work out of the US Forest Service Washington DC office. They allow me to continue to live with my family, assortment of farm animals and work from Salmon, Idaho – which is wonderful. I currently am running a National campaign on engaging a more diverse population in public lands and waters.

Liz was introduced to public lands at a young age, growing up in the coastal mountains of Western Washington. If given a choice, she would gladly spend every day in the water, flipping over rocks, running up hills, catching any size or type of fish and swimming in big pools or fast water alike.