In my time at ASI I received certifications in Wilderness First Responder, Search and Rescue, Nordic Ski Instruction, and Rock Climbing Instruction. I also gained the skills necessary to begin whitewater kayaking, oar rigging, and facilitating rescues on vertical rock, as well as in swift water. I also gained a greater understanding of the natural history of the world around me.

In the years since starting ASI, I have found employment as a Nordic Ski Instructor, Ropes Course Facilitator, Rock Climbing Instructor, Motorsports guide, and General Outdoor Adventure Guide.  I have Oar Rigged the Arkansas River in Colorado, kayaked class five rapids in the Appalachians. I have rock climbed in Oman, Thailand, Laos, Italy, Cuba, Argentina, and throughout the American west. I have established dozens of first ascents and participated in multiple roped rescues. None of this would have been possible without the experience I gained at ASI.

Currently I work for Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides in the summer as a rock climbing instructor. I have held this position for almost a decade. In the winter I work as an adventure guide in the Sonoran desert of Arizona where teaching guests about the natural history of the area is a large part of the experience.  If you want to work outside, ASI is a great place to start.  

Stephen’s brother Wyatt also graduated from the program.